The Big Face Woody - Update

NFNT Big Face Woody

This is a great looking eco friendly watch from NFNT and is only $55 for the first 200 Backers. This is the first wood watch I have seen that well, actually looks like a traditional watch. The Big Face Woody is made of 100% all natural bamboo so it is durable, light weight and made from a renewable source. 

The Big Face Woody

The Big Face Woody

NFNT (Pronounced infinite) is a company comprised of college students based out of the North Shore Hawaii. The funding from this project will eventually help the company set up a scholarship for college students! 

It looks like things have been pretty fast paced for Ryan Chaffin and the team at NFNT these past two days. After reaching 100% funding in less than 11 hours yesterday, day two shows no signs of slowing down. As I write this post I'm staring at the widget three lines above,this awesome bamboo watch is going strong at 194% funding. It's clear to say the demand for this product is outstanding!  

Ryan took some time to answer a few questions that I, along with many others, have about his Kickstarter experience and the Big Face Woody. 

WM: When you originally set out on this idea did you have more of a desire to create something out of bamboo or to create a watch? NFNT: It definitely started with the desire to create a watch. Some might call me a watch addict. I love them. Ever since my parents bought me my first Kenneth Cole watch my freshman year of high school, I've been hooked. I've played with the idea of designing a watch over the past decade, and originally came up with the name, slogan, and logo for a different kind of watch. For various reasons, I did not pursue it, and today, many companies have made a lot of money using that very idea. When I came up with this concept, I knew I had to act on it this time.

WM: How many people worked on the design of the watch? NFNT: There were several people, including engineers, watch specialists, and rookies (me). The concept actually came from some drawings my wife and I worked on. She always thinks of details I miss.

WM: When you think of NFNT in 2+ years, where is the company? NFNT: Before the Kickstarter project, I'm not sure where I really saw it. I know where I hoped for it to go, but I can't say I had the confidence. Now, just two days in, I see it as a global brand with great brand recognition and awareness. I can't believe the support we've received from all over the world.

WM: Does NFNT have any other tricks up their sleeve? i.e Would you ever work on other products using bamboo? NFNT: We definitely have some other bamboo product ideas on our minds. Some are new, some have been done (but we think we can do them even better). We decided to focus on the watches first, and deliver a really awesome, high quality product before spreading ourselves over other products.

WM: What has been the biggest surprise since launching the Kickstarter Project? NFNT: Two things. First, how fast we funded. We hit our goal of $11,000 in under 11 hours. That was incredible! Second, how global our supporters are. We've had support from Japan, Norway, Germany, UK, Australia, Dubai (UAE), Canada, and of course, the USA (and more).

WM:You've done the crowd funding idea. Would you ever be open to crowdsourcing ideas for future products? NFNT:Definitely. That's actually one of our project ideas. We know that without our supporters, nothing happens. We'd love to empower some of our fans and supporters and help them make a product a reality. We've already received some great feedback on the Big Face Woody and how our supporters think we can improve it.

WM: Has the roadmap for NFNT changed since your project was 100% funded? NFNT: The overall roadmap, no. How we get to our destination, yes. The support has truly been amazing, and we want to make sure we show it. We've already gone back to the drawing board to get more creative with our stretch goals and incorporate backer input. We're really excited!

WM: Can you shed some light on the Scholarship you want to set up? NFNT: Yes, and we're really excited about this. We want it to be open to all students, regardless of country and school. The scholarships will be limited to higher education, and we know that varies in definition throughout various regions of the world. The ultimate goal is to help others become powerful beyond measure (our tagline) through higher education, and we believe that in turn, they will help make society as a whole powerful beyond measure.

WM: Do you have any tips for other people wanting to start a Kickstarter? NFNT: Go for it! Don't shoot down your own idea. Sure, you may not get funded, but you never know. Even if you don't get funded, you'll learn more than you can image along the way, and that knowledge will serve you well.

WM: Can you give any hints on what type of packaging you are going to use? NFNT: This question has actually come up more than we expected, and we think it's pretty cool that people are interested! With all of the attention this topic is getting, it may change. We'll see what the feedback is. We wanted to go eco-friendly (of course) and do something really different. So our watches won't be packaged in the traditional watch box. Our watches will be delivered in a small hemp/burlap bag. One of the awesome things about the bags is that they can be reused for a number of things!


When you consider the environmentally friendly nature of this product, and the goal of setting up a scholarship, along with the "Mahalo culture" at the core of NFNT it makes it hard to not want to back this Kickstarter project.