Yes Man Watches


The Yes Man Watch has a unique buckle system that offers twice as many sizing options as the standard watch strap. Instead of holes in the strap, a row of notches inserted in the leather slide the through the buckle and catch. This allows the wearer to adjust the watch to their personal size. This design also takes the pressure off one single hole in the leather, meaning the strap stays in new condition for longer. With a large 40mm diameter face and a 42 mm diameter stainless steel case at 11mm thick this is definitely a solid design meant for those who enjoy large watches. The Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement will ensure you are always on time and a water resistance rating of 3ATM means the casual dip in the pool shower won't harm the watch. 

"Your life shouldn't be constrained, neither should your wrist. Our new buckle has twice as many sizing options, guaranteeing a comfortable fit every-time. Instead of holes, we have a row of notches inserted in the leather. When you put our buckle on, you slide the leather through the buckle, and the buckle catches on these individual notches, making for an abundance of sizes. "

Early backer's will receive a yes man watch with a $99 pledge. After those are gone $109 for the next 100 backers and after those are gone the watch will go for $119 which is still $80 off the retail price. Alternately if you don't want the whole watch you can get just the innovative strap and buckle for $59

Avegant Glyph - Mobile Personal Theater


The Avegant Glyph promises the experience of a personal theatre unlike any you've seen before. Designed to work the same as any pair of headphones you use today the Glyph will sit over your ears. You can listen to audio in high quality but the real magic comes when you flip the headband down in front of your eyes.

The unit uses a Virtual Retina Display (VRD) to deliver stunning graphics. VRD is a technology that uses a micromirror array and a combination of optics to reflect an image directly onto your retina. Think of it as a projector but instead of putting the image on a wall, it is delivered directly to the sensors in your eyes. The low light an optics are designed to create a less stressful experience for your eyes than most displays that you currently use. 

The glyph charges via microUSB and will last up to three hours on a single charge.  Video displays from HDMI meaning you may need an additional adaptor for some smart phones. Audio can be delivered via the HDMI cable or 3.5mm TRRS jack the Glyph also features a built in microphone. The 16oz unit comes in White, Black and Blue colour options. 

Since the beginning of personal display technology, screens have been getting smaller and closer to our eyes but with one limitation: image quality. At Avegant we've solved that problem using a new technology that mimics the way that we as humans naturally see light. Using a Virtual Retinal Display we've figured out how to project images directly onto your retina, creating sharp, stark images unlike anything you've seen before.

Contributing $499 to the campaign will net you a Glyph unit in white, black or blue. 

Plumen 002 - Designer Light Bulb


The Plumen 002 is a florescent lightbulb built to replace the existing 30W incandescent bulb. The bulb has been designed to create a mellow cozy atmosphere but I think you'll spend more time staring at the design than enjoying the aura it throws off.  The the 001, Plumen's first 60W version, simply bent florescent tubes into an award winning shape. This time with the 002 they decided they could shape the tubes similar to the way bottles are made. After multiple lighting experiments with Texas neon-artist Tony Greer and intense study of sculptures from Barbara Hepworth, the bulb became the infinite inspired shape that you see below. Arguably beautiful at all angles, this bulb is a breakthrough in mass production lighting, and considering that most incandescent bulbs will be outlawed by 2015 this couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time.

"For our first bulb, we made a radical departure form conventional CFLs. Like neon artists we realized that if you can draw with light then you can make any shape you like. So why not a beautiful, poetic form, rather than an uninspiring utilitarian one?"

$30 will get you one of the First Plumen 002 units off the line, at $60 you'll also receive one of the beautifully designed accompanying pendants. Multiples of four require a backing of $95 for the 200 packages available. If you want the same 4 bulb set with pendants be one of the first 100 backers at $180 , after those 100 units are gone you'll pay an extra $10. 


The Mibuu glass by designer Yalcin Coban is hand crafted using an eco-friendly process. The dual walled glass will hold hot liquids without any heat transfer to your hand, meaning your beverage stays hot and your hands stay comfortable. The glass comes in two different sizes the holds 100ml (3.4 oz)  perfect for mini desserts, espresso and caffè macchiato. The larger Mibuu.Mighty holds 230ml (7.8 oz) and is about the same size as a mug for bigger cups of tea or a pour over coffee.  Yalcin and his team has worked hard to make the Mibuu glass "pristine like a piece of jewellery." The intentional design choice to make the cup dip in and not out creates a comfortable holding position in your hand. 

"Each Mibuu glass is made by hand. Why? Because this gives each glass its own character. Like snow flakes, none are ever exactly the same making every one of them unique." 

£15 gets you into the game with a reward of two glasses. £20 and you'll get two Mibuu.Mighty glasses. Sets of four are always good the minis start at £25 and to get a set of four mighty sized you'll have to go up to £60 at that price you'll also receive four minis.

Smart Wallit Pro


We featured the Original Smart Wallet back in March of last year. Since then the creators have spent a considerable amount of effort packing in additional features most notable is the 4.2mm thickness shaving a full 4mm off the original design. Newly added features such as do not disturb mode, map view, cloud sync, additional notification sounds, and a rainbow of color choices are welcome in the updated version. 

In case you missed it the first time the SmartWallit works by syncing up with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 — thats the smart kind, the kind that doesn't drain your battery. When the bluetooth connection connects or disconnects from your phone, the phone remembers the location or set alerts based on your preferences. 

$34 Gets you a black version of the Smart Wallit Pro. From there you'll have reward options for more colors and additional units.

Chipolo - Bluetooth Item Finder

Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder

The Chipolo is a bluetooth item finder available on Kickstarter that takes the form of a small circular tag. It is 35mm in diameter and 4.6mm thick and unlike other small bluetooth tags on the market, features a replaceable battery. The unit uses Bluetooth 4.0, meaning you'll get a 60M range and  the batteries only need replacing every 6 months. You'll have to consider that this is half the battery life of the popular TILE BT tag, which reaches complete end of life after the battery is depleted. Chipolo comes in 9 vibrant colours, has a temperature sensor and a unique shake to find your phone feature.  


"Did you know that the average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for things they own but cannot find. We spent a great deal of effort, research and personal experience to design the Chipolo – a unique Bluetooth item finder that helps you locate your belongings." - Chipolo Campaign Page

Chipolo comes with all the standards expected in a BT item finder. 

  • Range Finder - See how far away your Chipolo is
  • Horn - Makes the Chipolo beep so you can find it
  • Range notifications - Lets you know if you are out of range from Chipolo and when it comes back into range
  • Last saved location - Find the last place your Chipolo was in range of your phone

Two features not found on other BT item finders

  • Shake the Chipolo to find your phone
  • Temperature sensor - For accurate weather readings


Currently raising funds on Kickstarter you can still get the Chipolo for  $24.

The Freedman Chair - A Chair That Could Save Your Life

The Freedman Chair

The Freedman chair is designed to help you keep your natural standing posture. Named after inventor Simon Freedman the chair takes into account his 26 years of osteopathic experience, 18 of which have been spent trying to solve the problem with sitting. Patients would come in to his office complaining of back pain, Simon's search for a chair to help his patients was un-fruitful so he set out to make his own.  

The Freedman is made from Aluminum and weighs only 7 kg, compared to the average desk chair at 22 kg, you can simply pick the chair up and move it. Because the chair is designed to fit to your body, it's only adjustment is up and down, you do this by turning the seat in a screw like fashion. The seat padding  adjust for natural scoliosis, and keeps your hips at the "Golden angle." Bumps on the Back padding push into muscles on either side of your spine, relaxing your back and add additional comfort.

The chair is full of British design sporting 5 cabriole legs, and ball and claw footings. This design won the International Invention of the Year Award at The World Invention Show in 2011. And was a contender sitting next to the iPad 2 in the final 25 at the D&AD Design Awards in 2012. 

"I believe that The FreedMan Chair will make you more comfortable, healthier and fitter than any other chair.  It might even save your life." - Simon Freedman


The Freedman Chair is currently available on Kickstarter for £319 Backers can expect delivery in April 2014



Aquachef Clarity - Simple Sous Vide Cooking

Aquachef Clarity Sous vide Cooker

The Aquachef Clarity is a Sous Vide cooking unit available on Kickstarter.  If you are not familiar with this cooking concept, it basically allows you to cook whatever you want at a perfect and consistent temperature. The basic set up is a water bath that heats up, vacuum packed food is then immersed until cooked. Most inexpensive Sous Vide units simply regulate temperature and require you to provide a vacuum sealer and a water basin. The Aquachef is an all in one unit with a clear basin so you can visually check your food, the vacuum and bags are included as well.  The team at Aquachef has designed a simple and inexpensive product and included all of the necessary pieces so you'll be ready to make those perfect eggs right out of the box.


"Professional sous vide cookers were thousands of dollars but when we looked at the science behind sous vide it just seemed ridiculous that it was that much money. All you needed was a container, water, a heating element, and temperature control. We thought, hey we can figure this out! We can create an amazing sous vide cooker for a fraction of the price and still get the same results. So we set out on the process of designing and manufacturing prototypes that eventually led to the Aqua Chef Clarity." - Aquachef 


The Vacuum Sealer alone is available for $70. The Aquachef Clarity unit with vacuum and cookbooks is $179 for the first 50 backers. After that the same package will go for $199.

Infinity Seat - Revolutionary Bike Seat

Infinity Seat

The Infinity seat is a bike seat designed by Dr Vincent Marcel, a chiropractor from California who is also an avid triathlete. Designed to minimize the amount of impact-pressure and re-distribute body weight, the Infinity seat aims to keep riders comfortable for long periods on their bike. Vincent discovered that most bike seats are designed to support riders by pushing on their "sit bones (Ischial Tuberosity) and pubic bones" which causes discomfort especially on long rides. The infinity seat avoids this pinching by re-shifting the rider's body weight to use the natural muscle padding in the buttocks. The Infinity seat was tested at Cyclologic advanced bicycle testing lab in AZ, and won out when pitted against a standard bike seat in a pressure sensitivity test. Tests can tell you a lot but the real proof is in the fact that none of the Infinity road testers will give the seat back. 


  • Advanced and responsive padding over a base of a proprietary blend of nylon glass
  • Upholstered with specialty synthetics or stitched leather
  • Light and sturdy carbon steel alloy rails
  • Attaches to standard seat posts. 
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Total weight of 205 grams - significantly lighter than most seats on the market 
  • No break-in period 
  • Fits everyone 

"We searched for patents that went as far back as the late 1800's and noticed that, barring a few creative departures, the bicycle seat has remained basically the same uncomfortable design. Something had to be done and we realized that we were literally sitting on a huge innovation. " - Infinity Campaign Page


The Infinity is available for $100 to the first 250 backers, the next 300 backers after that will need to pledge $125. Then for the rest of the campaign backers will be able to get the Infinity seat for $145

Bitlock - Wireless Bike Lock


BITLOCK removes all need to carry a physical key for your bike lock, in a world where keys and cards are moving digitally to phone, the BITLOCK is a welcome invention. The U-lock features an electronic locking mechanism that wirelessly senses your phone, when you are within 3ft the lock opens by simply pressing a button. The sam strong encryption methods used in online banking ensure your lock wont be hacked by some high tech bike thief. Powered by a single AA size Lithium-thionyl chloride battery the BITLOCK will operate for a mind-blowing 5 years without needing a replacement, thats 10,000 lock/unlocks! The lock weighs in at 2.4 pounds and has a protective cover so it wont scratch your bike. 

The BITLOCK app, allows you to find your bike should you forget where you locked it, and it will track your rides, with information like calories burned, and 02 emissions saved. BITLOCK will also allow you to share your bike with friends, simply give other users permission using the lock, they will be able to use their phone to unlock and use your bike. 


The BITLOCK is available to the first 400 early backers for $79, after that it will be $99 for the rest of the campaign. Those looking for a custom colour option will need to pledge $149. The BITLOCK is expected to retail for $149 after the campaign is done.